Testimonials — See what our students and parents say about our classes.

I have two kids, ages 8 (girl) and 5 (boy). I can’t stress enough how much they look forward to going to class. They rush me out the door on taekwondo days so they won’t be late for class.

Mr. And Mrs. Fitz truly run a great business. They know every student by name, and treat their clients like family.

I typically hang out and stay for their entire 50 min class. I love watching the kids so focused and disciplined. Mr. Fitz is an amazing teacher. He works with each student and understands their needs, assisting in areas they can improve in. He also ensures he works with the different levels of belts accommodating each color, so the kids progress through each class. His teaching style is like no other. Very great approach allowing the kids to enjoy, and not feeling like its a chore to go to class.

It’s great to see my own kids’ progress. Seeing the positive experience they are taking away from this school is gratifying.

Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Burbank Tae Kwon Do!
— Judith M.
What a fantastic Taekwondo studio (great facility and location) with the most passionate and encouraging instructors! The Burbank/LA area is very fortunate to have such a great environment for learning and practicing Taekwondo. Tara and Blaise both have vast experience, knowledge, passion, and personal skills that are ideal for helping our children develop martial arts skills as well as strong work ethic and commitment.
— Drew K.
Super nice facility. Clean. Plenty of room for students and for parents watching. There is a kids room with TV and toys for siblings.
My son, 6 years old, is really enjoying it. They get in a good workout and he is learning self control (and one of the first things they teach - no tae kwon do at home! -which is very helpful!). He looks forward to it each time we go to the studio. There are unlimited classes for the monthly fee which is awesome! There are many classes offered for his age group so it works with our flexible schedule. Try it out!
— Julie M.
What a great place to introduce your child to martial arts! Mr. Fitzgerald (Master Blaise the kids call him) is a very hands-on and proactive teacher who not just makes every class a fun workout but also goes into the detail of the science and philosophy of TKD. He is encouraging, challenging and requires the respect and attention of his students.
— April R.
Burbank Taekwondo is a great place to begin or continue your martial art experience. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or completely new to the sport, the owners and instructors, Blaise and Tara Fitzgerald will make sure your needs are met. They teach with the perfect mix of patience and intensity that only comes from having a real passion for martial arts and teaching.

Burbank Taekwondo is also great for kids and teaches them to listen and respect others while giving them a fun workout at the same time.
— Josh L.
The very best days of my son’s week happen at Burbank Taekwondo School. Mr. Fitzgerald leads with character and discipline, but most of all he creates a fun atmosphere where students flourish!
— Anne M.