Please wear uniforms!

We have noticed that students perform better when they arrive in uniform.  Not only do they have a different mindset in a uniform, but they can simply perform better physically.  Martial arts pants allow room that other athletic pants or casual pants do not.  This helps us stretch and kick to our highest capabilities.

So we are asking that every student arrive to class not only on time, but in uniform.  This means taekwondo pants and either our uniform top or one of our tee shirts.  To facilitate your laundry needs, most students will need more than one pair of pants and top.  Our daughter has 5 uniforms and about 10 tees.  She still sometimes has a problem finding pieces.

We will offer the in-stock uniforms and tees at a discounted price until April 1.  Tees will be $8 and uniforms $24.  

Please see Tara to purchase from our current inventory.